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Poland as an Investment destination

Poland continues to be one of the most attractive investment destinations in Europe. Dynamic economic growth, a well-educated workforce, numerous investment incentives in the 'Heart of Europe' attract companies from around the world and turn Poland into a country which is preceived as a worthwhile business destination. 

Investing in Poland 2018

Being a country of enterprising people, and a 'crisis-resistant' economy, while being an excellent business partner, Poland is a promising country for investors. A place where...

...economic returns on foreign capital are three times more 

likely than other European Union countries. International reports describe the Polish economy as a safe for business environment and long-term planning with a low risk of financial crisis, offering investment opportunties in connection with the modernisation of infrastruture and introduction of modern technologies in the enterprise. 

Fortunate to be located in Central-Eastern Europe (CEE), Poland is a perfect location for investments in transport and logistics because of its great location with regards to consumption and production zones. This, together with its EU membership, makes... 

...Poland a perfect gateway to the single European market of around 455 million consumers

10 reasons to invest in Poland

What makes Poland so attractive? The investment attractiveness of Poland is a combination of economic and social factors, as well as the well-tailored offer of investment incentives and public assistance. Surveys made among foreign investors who do business in Poland, including the PAlilZ report on investment climate in Poland, show that what attracts them is Poland's central location in Europe, intergration and good communication with both the European Union and Eastern Europe markets, competitive prices of freight and materials, as well as a large internal market. Poland also has much to offer in terms of investment incentives.

  • Successful economy 
  • Population 
  • Qualified & competitive labour force 
  • Centrally located in Europe 
  • Labour costs 
  • Poland is the largest beneficiary from the EU budget 
  • Political stablility based on EU & NATO membership 
  • Large domestic market 
  • Steadily improving conditions for running business 
  • Poland is one of the top countries in UNCTAD's World Investment Prospects survey

Poland's image as an 'investment safe haven' is spreading all over Europe

There is no doubt that the position of Poland as one of the European frontrunners of investment attractiveness rankings is long lasting, as investors operating in Poland are satisfied with doing business here and are investing here again. 

UNCTAD's World Investment 

As UNCTAD's World Investment Report 2015 shows, they would also advise other companies from their countries to establish business here. 


of German respondents from a German Chamber of Commerce (AHK) survey would invest in Poland again.


of the companies surveyed intend to increase or keep the same level of expenditure on investments in Poland. 

Sources of support for entrepreneurs

Poland is a beneficiary of considerable EU funds which have allowed it to establish a broad system of support for business. The numerous investment incentives and sources of state aid are available, also for investors operating within 'Special Economic Zones' (SEZs).

In 2014-2020 Poland received EUR 82.5 billion under the EU choesion policy

Those funds allow for 6 domestic and 16 regional operational programmes to be implemented. Morever, Poland will recieve funds under European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the European Maritime and Fusheries Fund, which will enable the country to implement programmes targeted at the agricultural sector and the fisheries sector.

The broad catalogue of support instruments offers numerous investment incentives to entrepreneurs. Support is available, inter alia, for:

  • investments into fixed assets and into the creation of new jobs,
  • research and development activities,
  • activities related to environmental protection (e.g. support for investments in renewable energy sources),
  • training,
  • acquisition of a new technology.

Investing in Poland 2018

Poland has managed to develop a very attractive system of different types of incentives. There are possibilities to benefit from both tax exemptions and cash grants for new investments and job creation. These SEZs in Poland offer exemption from income tax, which is supplemented with real estate offered by local authorities. Cash grants are available from 'Program for the support of investments of considerable importance for the Polish economy for years 2011-2020' for investments in: automotive, aviation, biotechnology, food processing, R&D and modern services sector. A second source of cash grants are subsides co-financed with European funds for the years 2014-2020 - application rounds have started.


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